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About TOTE® Systems

In 1946 a flour mill employee in Seattle, Washington set out to design a way to handle bulk flour. This employee knew there had to be a better way to go than handling a standard pallet full of 100lb bags. After testing multiple designs, it was found that a plywood container with a large door on the bottom front gave the greatest benefit. The first installation of these plywood bins was made at a baking company in Tacoma, Washington. The bins were filled at the flour mill in Seattle and then shipped to the bakery for discharging the flour into the batch weighing and mixing equipment.

Custom crafted in the USA!

The company that installed this first equipment was called Tote Engineering.

As it became apparent that this installation was a success, steps were put in place to start fabricating the bins out of metal rather than plywood, and hence TOTE Systems was born.

In the nearly 70 years since that first plywood “TOTE” bin was designed and built,

we have sold and designed thousands upon thousands of installations throughout the world. With sales in every state in the U.S. and in nearly every country around the world, we continue to be the leader in the bulk material handling business. Whether you are in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food, or Chemical business, we can help with your material handling needs.

Others have come and gone, but we continue to stand proud.
There is only one original. There is only one TOTE Systems.

We are flattered that our name has become part of the language, but there is still only one real TOTE®. TOTE® SYSTEMS is your domestic manufacturer and single source for dry powder and liquid based contained material handling products and systems. We also provided many different engineering services as well as material cutting services using our waterjet cutting machine. Our products are used in many different market segments including the pharmaceutical industry.
TOTE® Systems product offering includes the following:

In short, when you have a need for any product or service related to powder processing, material handling and containment systems, Tote®* has the experience and resources to help.

We are here to provide solutions and welcome your inquiry.