Premier Line Fill Station


TOTE® Systems Premier Line Fill Stations offer the means for dust free transfer of product into TOTE® containers from other containers such as drums, bulk bags, or even other TOTE® containers.

TOTE® Fill Stations range from very straight forward manual systems to fully automated, multi-ingredient batching systems.


Standard Features

TOTE® Fill Stations have the capability to interface with the following containers:
  • TOTE® containers (IBC’s)
  • Dosing containers
  • Drums
  • Super sacks/bulk bags
  • Palletized bags
  • Pails
  • Silos


TOTE® Fill Stations Device Metering Options:
  • Vibratory feeders
  • Screw feeders
  • Rotary valves
  • Packaged loss-in-weight (screw)
  • Volumetric (screw) or weigh belt feeders
  • Dual-valve closing chamber
TOTE® Fill Stations Connection Point Options:
  • Disposable flex sleeve
  • Reusable flex sleeve
  • Sanitary clamp connection
  • Compression seal
  • Inflatable seal
  • Telescopic flex sleeve for automated applications
  • Shuttling Spool – automated applications
  • Dedusting Spool Interface System (DSIS) – high containment applications
  • Split butterfly valve – high containment applications
TOTE® Fill Stations can be enhanced with the following in-line process devices:
  • Magnetic separators
  • Sieves/screeners
  • Hammer mills
  • Cone mills