This is it. This is where it all started. TOTE® containers are the center component of the TOTE® material handling system. Our containers were the first, and to this day remain unsurpassed in their ability to efficiently transport and contain bulk materials. Each container integrates perfectly into the manufacturing process. TOTE® containers are by far the most efficient method of transporting bulk product through your manufacturing process. With increased speed and a reduction in labor, TOTE® containers are a tremendous asset to any bulk handling facility. One TOTE® container has the same capacity as 20 fiber drums. They can also be used for blending and off-line storage as well as over-the-road transportation by truck or rail.

Standard Features Options
  • Four-way fork channels
  • 42” x 48” footprint
  • Interior and exterior welds, as laid, chemically cleaned
  • 22-1/2” manway with bolted clamp ring
  • Black multi-seal gasket
  • 12” butterfly valve
  • 45º hopper
  • 304 stainless steel / aluminum / carbon steel
  • Combination lifting lug / leg positioner
  • 12 ga. top, bottom and hopper
  • 60º mass flow hopper
  • Alloy construction available
  • Interior and exterior welds ground smooth and ribbon polished
  • DOT / UN certification
  • Automated valve opening
  • Special valving for product discharge
  • Custom dimensions
  • Exposed or enclosed design


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